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What is the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp experience really like?

                                                             Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp - You on Stage with Rock Stars. Jam, Write, Record and Perform with the World's Greatest Rock Stars.
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Dear Rockers,

People always ask "what is fantasy camp REALLY like?".  We thought our campers could best answer that, so here is what a few of you had to say on YELP:

"Next to the birth of my children and my favorite baseball team winning the world series,this was one of the greatest experiences in my life. For any musician who doesn't have the time to play like they did when they were teenagers, this is the ultimate rock n roll experience. The highlight was meeting and getting to actually play with real rock stars. I had the great fortune to sing a Who song with Roger Daltrey, sing a Led Zeppelin song with Dave Navarro backing us on guitar and sing "For What It's Worth" with the original member of Buffalo Springfield. 

Playing with the icons and legends you grew up with was surreal and a completely amazing experience. That alone was worth the cost of admission.  But that's just the tip of the iceberg. The weekend is set up like a great reality competition show.  In the beginning of the weekend you are thrown together with a group of musicians who you have never met, form a band, get a rock n roll counselor and then jam and write and perform for the entire weekend. Ending up on stage for a battle of the bands. My fingers bled and my voice was trashed by the end of the weekend, but I felt like I was 18 again. Up on stage with blaring amps, wailing guitars and unbridled rock n roll passion. It is an unforgettable experience and no matter what level player you are, you will end up having a blast. You bond with a group of rock n roll lovers and in three short days your playing improves and you re-ignite your love of music.  I highly recommend Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp for anyone who can afford it. It is like Baseball Fantasy Camp but much cooler. "- Eliot G.

"A truly life-changing experience!  I first went to RRFC as a kind of sabbatical - I needed a break from the rigors of work and thought the camp would be a great way to decompress and improve my musicianship. Boy, did it ever!  I'm now about to go to my 9th RRFC camp, am in a band and feel as though I've satisfied my childhood ambition to perform music. I've met some amazing people, have some wonderful new lifelong friends, and have memories (including photographs and videos) I will cherish forever. If ever I'm feeling a bit down, I think about the camp experience - guaranteed to make me smile again! "  - Vaughan M.

"IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE!!!  If you love rock (classic or hard rock) and dreamed of performing in any capacity, this is the place!  

For starters, they find out your interests and what instrument you play (novice to expert, you will fit in). They placed me in a band with four other great guys that were definitely experts (I was vocals). I had performed in a couple of musicals in high school and never performed in a rock band before, so I considered myself a novice.

Mike Pinera (Blues Image and Iron Butterfly) and Buster Akrey (Steely Dan and solo artist) were our Rock Counselors who helped us pick songs that suited us and gave us the input to fine-tune our performance. We ended up performing two nights at the MGM Grand at the Rogue, which is one of the greatest (non-family) thrills I have ever experienced.

Besides rehearsing for several hours, we also had Rock Counselors (Joe Vitale, Rudy Sarzo, Gary Hoey, Kane Roberts and others) talk about their experiences and who they shared the stage with. Every counselor was awesome and allowed you to watch when they performed with their 'camp band'.

Meeting the many of the original members of YES was beyond my expectations. We got to jam with them in the RRFC studios at different times (Alan White, Chris Squire, Jon Davison and Geoff Downes).  They stayed and took pictures with us and were very approachable. Steve Howe played acoustic guitar for us for about an hour (YES songs, solo work and old blues tunes). Watching him play with ease was mind-blowing. Jon Davison even stayed the night of his visit and joined in a jam session with campers and other Rock Counselors. Some of the members of YES even attended our performance at the MGM Grand Rogue.

David, and the entire staff were awesome. I will absolutely make every effort to attend another camp again the future." - Bill K.

"I gave this is as gift for my husband. He absolutely loved it! He says he wants to do it again." - Kimberly S.

As you can see, ROCK AND ROLL FANTASY CAMP is an AMAZING experience for ALL musicians and music lovers!  Attend either of our upcoming summer camps and live your rock and roll fantasy !​ 

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