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Friday, November 5, 2010

Back to Back Episodes Tonight and Tomorrow!

Dear Rock Stars,

The show is still breaking all records over at VH1 Classic! Due to its success, they will be re-running the first three episodes tonight (starting at 8pm) and tomorrow (starting at 4pm)!  So if you have missed any of them, here's your chacredit Michael Frawleynce to get caught up. If your TV happens to be on the fritz, you can always watch the first episode online directly at

If you’ve been waiting for Ace Frehley's appearance, you won’t have to wait much longer! Ace is appearing in episode four this Saturday Night (10/5) at 10/9c. He will also appear (in the flesh) at our 2011 Bahamas camp in February, along with Jerry Cantrell (Alice and Chains), Lita Ford and everyone's favorite bad boy drummer, Tommy Lee.

The weekend Warrior Camps continue, with our next stop being in San Francisco this weekend. If you’re in the Bay Area please plan to attend the Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp concert at The Fillmore on Sunday night.  It will be an awesome show of our camper bands followed by an All-Star Counselor jam featuring Dickey Betts (The Allman Brothers) and Mark Farner (formerly of Grand Funk Railroad).  You can get tickets by clicking here

Yesterday, I received a call from a drummer that participated in our October Philadelphia camp. He is a New Jersey based judge who happens to be blind.  He called me to tell me what a great experience the camp was for him – especially since he has recently been diagnosed with cancer. I was so touched by his phone call, I asked if I could quote him and he said "Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp got me back to where my soul is at home – in the music. Don't let your disease define who you."  

The following is more Philly feedback that I found touching: “Thank you for the wonderful experience I had in Philadelphia. There is no question that the success of the experience is driven by the special people involved with putting it on. Everyone was approachable, enthusiastic and interested in teaching. Everything exceeded my expectations. The camp is obviously the product of a lot of hard work, experience, and high character people.  I cannot think of one thing I would change…keep the emphasis on the music and people that care and you will enjoy continued success.” 
Don't miss you chance to experience a Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp this month in Dallas and Chicago!!  Call Dylan at 888.762.2263 x1 to reserve your spot.  You can also sign up online at rockcamp.comLeslie West

Keep your eyes out for our ads in People Magazine and our new partnership with Sharper Image.  If you get the Sharper Image catalog, you’ll see our camps featured in it!

Lastly, I’m excited to announce that Leslie West of Mountain will be joining Roger Daltrey, Phil Ramone, and Tommy James at our NY camp taking place this January.  For a full NYC camp talent lineup please click here.

Rock On!
David Fishof

San Francisco at The Fillmore (November 5-7)
Dallas at the House of Blues (November 12-14)
Chicago at the House of Blues (November 19-21)
NYC with Roger Daltrey (January 12-17,2011)
 RRFC in the Bahamas (February 17-20, 2011)