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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Become a Rock Star on Your Bucket List?

Over the last 13 years, past campers and Rock Stars alike have enjoyed the life changing experience of Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp.  The greatest part of my job are the emails that I receive from past campers describing the positive change Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp made in their lives.  Below is part of an email I recently received from a past camper.  I am sharing it because I believe everybody has dreamed about being a Rock Star at some point in his or her life.  By attending Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp, you can mark “become a Rock Star” off your bucket list!

Speaking with my Therapist yesterday (a Godsend after the '08 market crash.  And everyone needs one) and we were talking about "moments." Moments when you have to man-up and deliver.  Moments like when the door opens on the plane at 10,000 ft and you have to crawl out on the wing for your first jump.  Or when you’re on stage with Kip Winger and he hits that first note you have to follow with the same volume and attitude.  Both were "Oh F...!" moments where you knew it was time to stand and deliver. 
The feeling you get from moments like this.........Priceless!   I still get chills!
And to top it off, there's not a feeling in the world better than hearing your wife and kids say afterwards, "Great Job".

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See you in the fall!
Rock On!
David Fishof