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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Remembering My Pal Davy Jones

Dear Rockstars,

We recently hosted, what I will have to say, was the top five Rock N Roll Fantasy Camps of all time.  Besides the amazing Rock Stars in attendance, the campers were there to rock! From beginner bands to our advanced master programs, each group wrote and recorded original songs that will be available on our site shortly.
You have to read some of the comments below to see first hand what a great experience it truly was.

* “Many thanks to all at Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp for the opportunity of a lifetime”.- Frank

“I was totally blown-away by my experience. I can promise you that I will be attending another camp in the near future. “- Jeff

* “The system you have devised is an incubator for creativity, rock and roll and a good time!” - Stan "Lucky"

“Thanks again for giving me such a great experience!!!!!”- Joe from Germany

“To say that RRFC exceeded my wildest expectations is an understatement.” - Todd

“The dedication of the counselors in creating an enjoyable atmosphere and their exhaustive effort to help each individual camper was amazing.” – Jeffrey

“The headliners, Steve Vai, Zakk Wylde, and Warren Haynes were incredibly patient, humble, and generous with their time.” - Nate

My special thanks go out to all the rock star counselors and guest stars. I want to particularly thank Steve Vai who delivered an awe inspiring presentation, Zakk Wylde, who will be touring with Ozzy and friends all summer long, was tremendous. And lastly, to Warren Haynes who the night before rock camp was rehearsing with Mick Jagger and B.B. King at the White House for the PBS Blues television special and then jammed with campers all day and surprised everyone with a blistering set at the Whiskey A Go-Go. He then returned to the White House to perform the show and a few days later was at the Apollo Theatre doing a benefit with Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck. Where else are you going to have the opportunity to jam with these superstars but at Rock Camp?

Don’t delay this dream; sign up for our upcoming camp in May which features none other than Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. Tyler knows talent as he judges it in front of 30 million people each week. At our last camp Steven Tyler was simply brilliant.

The famous Playboy Mansion is on so many people’s bucket list, not only for guys but over 70% of women have been the biggest viewers of Hef’s popular television series “The Girls Next Door.” Bring your spouses, tell your friends and be sure to have the night of your life! There’s only one way into the Mansion and it’s through Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp.

Rock Your Corporate!
Our corporate Rock N Roll Fantasy Camps have been perfected to make your companies’ team building or convention sales meeting the event of a lifetime. Just ask our satisfied customers who last month enjoyed our program all around America. We traveled to Erie, PA; Orlando, FL, Park City, Utah and New York City to help companies rock their business. Here’s what the President and CEO of GE, Lorenzo Simonelli, wrote about our program:

While I was skeptical at first, the planning, execution and final product made me a firm believer in their process for delivering a highquality, interactive and exciting team-building program. While the ten teams took several different approaches to the task at hand, the end product, the performance presentations in front of the entire GE Transportation team, was consistently outstanding. Upon reflection our experience with the corporate training group of R&RFC was educational, creative, stimulating and fun.”

“I would recommend this training experience to any industrial or service
industry executive as a way to promote team building within your

Recent camper and CMO Pete Krainik, wrote an amazing Forbes article, "8 Things Brands and CMOs Can Learn From Rock Bands" about the benefits of hosting a Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp corporate event and his experience at this past President’s Day Camp in Hollywood, CA. Click here to read all about it.  

So pick up the phone and call David Fishof, 888.762.2263 ext. 4, and he will advise you how to make your event the greatest ever.

We’ve Moved!!!
Please note our new address. 6222 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 230, Los Angeles, CA 90048.  Our telephone is still the same: 888. 762. 2263.

Mark Your Calendars!
Our next camp will be October 9-14th in Las Vegas! More details to follow but save the date!

Are you following us on Twitter, @rockfantasycamp and Facebook? If not, now is the time! Get all the up to date information about Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp.

On A Personal Note:
Today, my condolences go out for the loss of two of my great friends. The talented Ronnie Montrose who was a guest at our camp last February with Sammy Hagar has passed away. For Montrose fans it was a dream to see Ronnie and Sammy together and sharing moments at Rock Camp. He was a true gentleman and left a legacy in rock and roll.

 Another legend, Davy Jones, who I’ve known since 1986 when I reintroduced the Monkees to the world for their 20th anniversary tour. While speaking to Rolling Stone Magazine earlier this week and sharing personal stories about Davy with so many friends, I thought I’d share some of them with you.

First, off his four beautiful and smart daughters were number one on his list. Secondly was training his horses on his farm and third was show business. His love and caring for his fans was real.

In all my thoughts this week, the one thing I wanted to share was although the band was picked and selected to be the American version of the Beatles and four gentlemen auditioned to partake in the TV series and make records, Davy always wanted to be part of a band. He had his battles with the other members, which he expressed to the media and fans, as every band does, but his love and focus was to make the Monkees one solid unit and make them a band; which was difficult to do. Most bands start in a garage and they grow together whether it’s the Beatles working several shows a night in Hamburg or the U2 starting out when they were young and writing together but this wasn’t the case for the Monkees. In contrast he kept his own band during his solo career together, and rarely changed band members. His dedication to Aviva and the guys were what he fought for. Even if it meant him not making much money from the gig he always made sure the band was taken care of. 

The Monkees added to the world of rock and roll and motivated so many musicians today to play music full time. Their concert tour in 1986 propelled so many bands like the Rolling Stones to return to touring and the stage. Davy brought so much happiness to the world and to my family by attending our family celebrations. He went out of his way to make people happy and he was blessed with that. Davy was a very modest individual and didn’t realize nor want to admit what an impact he had on the world. I thought the best line I heard from so many folks these past weeks was “we felt that a piece of our childhood was taken away”.  To his daughters and recent wife I want to wish you only the best.  I will always be thankful to him for giving me the chance to enter the world of showbiz in a huge way. His humor was amazing. He made me laugh so much and his friendship will be so missed. May God rest Davy and Ronnie’s souls.

Kindest Regards,

David Fishof

Tel: (888) 762-2263

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Steven Tyler ROCKS The Playboy Mansion!

Tel: (888) 762-2263


Tel: (888) 762-2263