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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Watch Episode 1 of Season 2 Online Now

Dear Rockers,

The Season Premiere of our TV series “Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp” on Saturday was amazing. I hope you all had a chance to watch, but if you didn't catch the first episode, it is now available online here! Watch episode 2 of Season 2 this Saturday Night on VH1 Classic at 10PM – check your local listings.

The TV series represents our Master's Program. The majority of our campers are beginner and intermediate players. You can see their incredible responses from the last camp below. 

There's only one week left to catch the early bird price for our Paul Stanley Playboy Mansion camp.  The price goes up September 1, 2011 so take advantage by calling Beth at 888.762.2263 x1, or click here for more info.

Did you know that if you can't join us for 4 days of jamming and rehearsing, you can still party with us for 1 amazing night at the Playboy Mansion?  On November 13, 2011 sip top shelf cocktails at the open bar, dine on a gourmet dinner and appetizers, take a swim in the grotto, pet the exotic wildlife exclusive to the Playboy grounds, and of course, enjoy our unbelievable concert featuring Paul Stanley of KISS, Lita Ford of the Runaways, and all of our Rock Star Counselors!  Make sure to bring your camera because this is truly going to be an A-list only, star studded event filled with Playboy Bunnies, TV personalities, professional atheletes, rock stars, and VIPs.  Call Beth to grab a ticket, or visit the website to buy tickets now!

If you'd rather join us in 2012, our President's Day Weekend Camp with Zakk Wylde, Steve Vai, and Matt Sorum is on sale now!  Join us in Hollywood to jam and rehearse with rock stars, and play a final night show at the Whisky A-Go-Go.

Woodstock Camp Testimonials

Hi David,

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Woodstock Rock Camp.  The whole experience was great, and has motivated me to keep practicing and eventually come back for another camp.

As you may know, I went into the camp pretty skeptical about how it would go -- how could a "beginner" band give a live performance that was anything other than a joke?

Well, I was thankfully wrong, and Teddy was one of the main reasons. He did such a great  job matching the songs to our band's overall capability, matching the band members to specific parts, and coaching us individually and as a band. He also and worked tirelessly throughout the camp to improve the arrangements of our songs, refining the way we played and adding lead-ins and transitions to tie the whole thing together and make it a "performance." Finally, he encouraged and challenged us, with great enthusiasm and patience, to work hard and keep improving both individually and as a band throughout the time leading up to our performance.  I can't believe the progress we made in three days, and how well our performance went. More than anyone, Teddy made it  possible and, perhaps more importantly, he made it fun. He was a great "rock star counselor."

I guess my "breakthrough" experience for the Woodstock Rock Camp was just being able to get up on stage in front of a live audience and contribute to a pretty good performance by our band. As someone who came into the camp able to play only about 10 guitar chords and having never performed live (other than a piano recital when I was about 8 years old) I did not believe this would be possible, let alone with a band formed just three days prior from a group of total strangers. 

-Steve W.

Teddy's Band (Generation 69 Unfinished Business) on stage at Woodstock

Hi David,

As you know this was the second camp for me, the first one being in 2006 in NY.  Since we won the Battle of the Bands that year, I didn't think the experience could be topped, especially on an emotional level.

Well, you did it again. 

Prior to the auditions, I thought that they were arbitrary in how people were placed in bands.  The band I was in was just fantastic musically and personally.  It was obvious some thought was put into how you placed people in the bands.  

As counselors go, Rudy Sarzo is one of the sincerest and most wonderful people I have ever met. He is a giant asset to the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp.  From day one, the band and Rudy connected musically and personally.  Besides being a great musician, he is a great person.  All the other counselors, especially Teddy Z., Mark Hudson and Kip Winger were terrific.  For example, I show up for the camp and Teddy sees me and knows my name. 

The open jams were a blast.  When you walk into a jam room and Mark knows your name (and I wasn't even in his band) and ordered me to sing dueting with him and then Kip, well, it just doesn't get better than that.  My wife saw how I was recognized by these professionals and was blown away, it made me feel like a million bucks.

I told the first-time campers in the band that it would be emotional and it wouldn't hit them until after we performed.  Sure enough, at the mansion my band members came to me with tears in their eyes and told me I was right.  We are now planning to play benefits on the east and west coasts.  This is the impact you have on us. 

Your staff is absolutely amazing...please tell them for me.

Lastly, I want to thank YOU.  You always make me feel welcome.  I consider you my friend. 

-Bill D.

Rudy's Band (Brown Acid) on stage at Woodstock with Juma Sultan

Hi David,

Hope you recovered from the weekend...I've been smiling and in a good mood since I got home.  You put together an over the top experience and delivered on all of your promises and then some. THANK YOU!!   I've been in touch with my band mates exchanging photos, videos, and kudos to one another for the great time we spent together.  Somehow the pairings were spot on.....I admit to being nervous on day one but that melted quickly thanks to the good natured Rudy Sarzo who put everyone at ease.  What a great guy....My hats off also to Mark Hudson.  I found him thoroughly entertaining (took his song writing master class), and I'd go so far as to think of him as the face of the camp experience; a critical component to the atmosphere of the camp.  My wife and I also kind of hit it off with David Rosenthal (Billy Joel's Keyboardist) as well. He was just pleasant to talk to....No ego whatsoever....just a talented, easy going guy. 

Again....thank you for one of those rare life experiences that had me living a dream. Very likely I'll be back for more down the road.

Marty G.

To sign up for the Playboy Camp or the President's Day Weekend Camp, callBeth Porter 1.888.762.2263 x 1

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