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Monday, July 30, 2012

Rock Your Business & Your Career!!!

Dear Rock Stars, 

In the next two months two very exciting books are being released about Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp. One is mine, called “Rock Your Business: What You And Your Company Can Learn from the Business of Rock and Roll” being released by BenBella Books on September 4 and you can preorder it by clicking here.  "Rock Your Business" explains how the most successful acts are able to market, barter, form strategic partnerships, and overcome obstacles. From evaluating your idea and finding partners, to creating a business plan and crafting the perfect pitch, this book offers entrepreneurs practical, sound business advice. 

The second book, released by Harper Collins titled, “Power Chord” by Thomas Scott McKenzie highlights our past camper Thomas’ experience when he attended the Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp in November 2009 in Los Angeles. This book talks about Thomas’ journey to meet his Rock Star heroes and dedicates a lot of the book to his experience at Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp.  The book shows all the excitement that he goes through and the emotions that he feels during the camp process. “Somewhere in the building was Ace Frehley, the original guitarist for KISS, whose riffs and solos were the soundtrack of my childhood….And now, thirty years later, Frehley was going to play “Rip It Out” from his 1978 solo record with us.” “I had devoted years to hunting down and meeting my guitar heroes. And now I was about to play on the stage that had showcased so many of them.” (Whisky A Go-Go) 

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