Thursday, May 26, 2016

ROCKSTAR 101 a special new rock camp package

Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp - You on Stage with Rock Stars. Jam, Write, Record and Perform with the World's Greatest Rock Stars.
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Dear Rockers,
Remember sitting in front of MTV for hours watching your favorite music videos and dreaming of being on stage like your favorite rock stars?  Imagining what it must be like under the bright lights in front of all those adoring fans!  YOU WERE GOING TO DO THAT! YOU were going to be a rock star!  Then reality kicked in, and getting a REAL job took priority and your rock and roll dreams flew by the wayside...well Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp's ROCKSTAR 101 package will not only get you on stage like your favorite rock star, it will get YOU ON STAGE with your favorite rock star!

Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp's ROCKSTAR 101 program is specially designed for the music lover that has never played an instrument before or hasn't played in many years but still wants to live out that rock and roll dream.  You will have private lessons before and during camp, be placed in a band with one of our incredible rock star counselors for 4 days where you will be guided, trained and taught everything you need to perform. You will take master classes, participate in jam rooms, have a tour manager, full production crew and everything that goes along with the rock star life...parties, all star jams, photo-ops and much more!

You will jam LIVE ON STAGE with PAUL STANLEY and DON FELDER or JUDAS PRIEST. You will then take the legendary stage at The Whisky A Go Go on the Sunset Strip where PAUL STANLEY or JUDAS PRIEST will join you as your special guest!

There are only 2 spaces left in our RockStar 101 program, so register now and live out that rock and roll dream!

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP or call Monica at 888/762-BAND ex 07

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A musician dies and goes to Heaven, where he is directed to the heavenly night club. He sees a wonderful room, capacious stage, and an all-time all-star group of musicians. Recognizing John Bonham, he walks over and asks "How's the gig here?"
John says, "Well, you can see that the layout and the equipment is fine, we get fed gourmet food, the best wines and a little reefer to take the edge off." "That sounds perfect," says the new guy. "There's just one thing," John adds. "God's got this girlfriend who thinks she can sing...." 

1996, A fire at the home of Eric Clapton caused over one and a half million pounds worth of damage; Firemen arrived on the scene to find Clapton braving the blaze to save his collection of guitars.

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