Monday, November 30, 2015

TEAM ROCK STARS - everyone is a star!

Team Rock Stars
Corporate Team Building and Entertainment
at Any Location

Team Rock Stars - Corporate Team Building and Entertainment

Dear Rock Stars,
Participants in Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp often talk about their life-changing experience. That is one of the reasons why so many campers return—time and time again! They not only have tremendous fun at the camps—they develop skills and behaviors that help them succeed—both at work and at play!
So, why not consider bringing the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp experience to your next corporate event through Team Rock Stars? Some of the biggest and most successful companies have already benefited from Team Rock Stars, and, just like our campers, they reengage Team Rock Stars again and again. Why are they so pleased with the results of this unique program?
·      Team Rock Stars can turn any type of corporate event into a true learning experience that engages, informs, and develops soft skills such as collaboration, communication, leadership, innovation, conflict resolution, influence and persuasion.
·      Participants return to work after a Team Rock Stars event with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm, increased passion, and stronger engagement in their work.
·      Corporate events are costly in terms of people’s time, travel and expenses. So, companies are looking for tangible, lasting results. The typical stream of PowerPoint presentations delivered from behind a podium is a poor way of driving value from corporate events. Adding a Team Rock Stars component will enliven your meeting and turn your event into new behaviors that increase productivity, improve employee engagement and drive business performance.
·      With Team Rock Stars, everyone is a star—no musical experience is necessary. If people want to take on a performing role in the program, they can, be it singing, playing an instrument, tapping a tambourine, etc. If they are less comfortable in the limelight, they can assume a supporting role, helping write song lyrics, design a logo for their team band, or fill another supporting role.
Contact us today at 888/762-2263 ex 04 to discuss how a Team Rock Stars program can amp up your corporate event and deliver immediate business results that will leave your employees energized, creative and ready to rock your business!
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Make your next event Rock.


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